The Confraternity - full synopsis

British film director Adam Harper is at a turning point in his life when he undertakes a biography of the enigmatic Italian filmmaker Stefano Torriti. Torriti’s last film was destroyed and the director disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Adam moves to Florence to research Torriti’s life. He is helped in his research, and falls in love with, Petra Scalesi, an attractive young Italian art historian he met in London. He questions Torriti’s associates: Tonino Ginzburg, an occult bookshop owner; and Ana Bach, the elderly actress who was Torriti’s lover and the star of his films.

Adam discovers that Torriti’s last film was inspired by the mysteries of Eleusis, an ancient pagan religion, and tracks down the leader of The Confraternity of Eleusis, a modern day revival of the cult. His lover Petra disappears and he believes she might have betrayed him.

The closer Adam comes to solving the mystery of Torriti’s disappearance the greater the danger. His journey culminates in a terrifying discovery at the cult’s headquarters in the Villa Ceres and a desperate attempt to escape with the woman he loves.

The narrative uses an interesting mixture of third person narration intermixed with first person accounts (from Torriti’s diaries and emails between Adam and Petra) together with ‘virtual film clips’ where the reader ‘sees’ Torriti’s films through vivid descriptions. These sections are a revival of the ancient literary art of ekphrasis.

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