The Inner Circle
“Colin Pink expertly draws you into the dark side of the art world. His characters are brilliant and talented, disturbed and dangerous. You won’t forget them.”
Bill Hoffman, New York Post

“British playwright Colin Pink has found real pertinence in the legendary tale of Theseus and the Labyrinth; his new play, Minotaur, is scarily resonant . . . scenes are reminiscent of Calderon's Life is a Dream, and—with a similarly tragic end ordained by mythology—give this Minotaur real stature. The contrast between him and his more powerful relatives above ground is stark and disturbing.”
Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM

“Colin Pink’s Minotaur combines the story of Theseus’s triumph over the half-bull, half-man, mythical creature with a portrait of a dysfunctional royal family . . . While the plot is from Greek mythology, the characters are as contemporary as you can get . . . Pink captures to a T the internecine family dynamics. . . Pink is an excellent writer from the U.K. who commutes across the pond to his ‘resident’ company. Let’s hope he keeps up the trips!”
John Chatterton, Off-Off Broadway Review

Click here to read the review in the Berliner Zeitung for the German production of Minotaur

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